You can tell that the creators of Halt and Catch Fire don’t know what they’re doing because they took one look at Ned the Adorable and Thranduil the Fabulous and said: Nah, we don’t want that look. Joe MacMillan needs to be twice the size of Ned. Lee needs to bulk up.


Actually Halt and Catch Fire has a very strong storyline.
I don’t know which series did you watch (oh wait, you skipped like all the episodes).
And Joe has flaws, but is not a bad character.
I’d recommend you to watch the episodes in order. There is a interesting evolution of Joe and the other characters during the episodes.

PS: Where in the world Joe is ugly?!?!?
PPS: Lee Pace is an actor. He plays different roles.
Not just a copy of Thranduil or a copy of Ned.

It’s interesting that you say the show has a strong storyline but then proceed to tell me the characters are evolving. For me that’s 2 different things. You can have “evil” or “bad” characters at the center of your story, but IMHO they have to have a mission the viewer cares about. What’s the mission in this storyline? A portable computer? Forgive me if I yawn.

So if the portable computer isn’t interesting enough, you have to have characters that people care about.

You can make people care about evil or dangerous or reckless characters. If they drive you up the wall (like, say, Joffrey Baratheon/Lannister — can’t think of a better example right now), you simply tune in to see what they’re up to next, you cheer on everybody else, just to see them fall. A show can have an evil character at the centre of the narrative because the viewers will want justice and that will make them care.

But Joe isn’t evil. He’s not inherently bad. He’s just selfish. Why do you want me to care about someone who’s as selfish as he is? Oh, because he has a few scars? To me that means he was a victim once who decided to become a perpretator. Yeah, great. Thanks but no thanks. He seems to be doing okay for himself. He doesn’t need me to feel sorry for him. I have a feeling he’s gonna be all right, no matter what life throws at him. Yeah, so he had to become hardened because of something that happened to him in the past? Yeah, well, I don’t care. Show me cracks in his armour NOW. I want to care about his present self. But there’s nothing there. He’s just a facade. And a lyer. And a manipulator.

So if Joe isn’t interesting enough who else? Cameron. Yes, Cameron is likeable. But she’s not exactly someone you can root for. She doesn’t have enough of a storyline to have something you want to root for. The only “problem” she has is her relationship with Joe. And I want to tell her: run for the hills, he’s only going to hurt you! But frankly, I don’t care enough about poor confused, brilliant Cameron to yell at my TV.

Gordon? Oh, yeah. Gordon. The nerd. The crybaby. So he’s a genius? There is something called “show don’t tell”. The dialogue tells me Gordon is a genius but all I see is a pussy. I just want to give him a kick. I can see how his character might evolve from dealing with Joe. But I don’t care enough to tune in.

And then there’s Donna. Donna has it all. Looks, brains, soul. Besides the boss (what’s his name? Bosworth?) Donna seems to be the only one I could almost root for. But she’s too perfect. I want Donna to ditch Gordon, take the kids and start her own business that will be 10 times as successfull as Bosworth, Joe and Gordon’s (I forget the name of the company). So if her character is evolving, I’m rooting for her to leave the show. Go, Donna, I’m sure you can do it.

Even if the characters are evolving as you say, there’s not enough there for me to wait for them to get to a point where I actually care.

But the main problem for me is that I only tuned into this because of Lee Pace. And I don’t like Joe. So there’s my problem.

I guess it’s good for the show that there are people out there like you who will actually get mad at me because they care. But you can’t convince me.

I quoted Game of Thrones. A saga in which there isn’t BAD or GOOD, Maybe Joeffrey is one of the few character totally bad. In reality doens’t exist BLACK or WHITE but GREY.
Think about Jaime Lannister. Is he good? Or is he bad? Cersei? Littlefinger?

So the fact that HACF isn’t a stereotyped tv series is a good start.
A series in which characters don’t evolve doesn’t interest me.
That’s the reason I didn’t like a lot Pushing Daisies.
I love Bryan Fuller, but PD wasn’t my thing. I prefer Hannibal, that has a very strong storyline and interesting characters (who change during the 2 series. Just think about Will Graham).
You don’t like computers and the 80’s? I love both computers and 80’s (sorry for being a nerd).
However I know many people who follow HACF just for the characters.
In the end the story is about them. About 5 characters and their project.

"Show me cracks in his armour NOW. I want to care about his present self. But there’s nothing there. He’s just a facade. And a lyer. And a manipulator."

If you actually saw the show you could have seen his REAL scars and understood a bit of things about him. But is easier to judge without have seen a thing.

I think all your comments about the show are superficials, and I don’t like to talk to superficial people.
IF you’ll see the show properly I’ll give credit to your comments. Now they mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because they are made without notion of the subject.
All the characters you quoted change during the season. Especially Gordon, Donna and Joe.
If you want to see what will happen to the “nerd”, the “perfect” woman and the vain try to watch other episodes!

Joe is a complex and fascinating character, if you want to watch the show just for Lee Pace I can tell you this is the right show. I think it’s his best character and Lee gives such a strong performance!